An affair with stripes

Stripes are in for 2017 baby! You cannot ignore them. 

Though the most prominent stripes are verticals in black and white. 

My stripe obsession ended as soon as I purchased an Ajio exclusive striped top and a day later I found these many stripes on my wardrobe.

*Howls out loud*

My love for black and white just costed me 800 INR 😥


Let’s talk in pictures and start with this multiple coloured stripped top ♥️

Being a girl, shopping and stocking is my fundamental right. Isn’t it? 

So here are a few pictures of my pre-owned collection of horizontal stripes.

Fashion is recycled *THE MOST*. This year is just one of those years. 

Now that I write for fashion in my new job *dances*, I have realized that you have to write about the SAME thing for the different designers, AGAIN AND AGAIN. (Let the truth unfold before GOT starts).

Those who already don’t know me, I am a BLACK lover. So anything with black on it makes me a happy kid. Same chocolate but in different wrappers (Metaphor). Green and black stripes. Now these are a mixture of diagonal and horizontal stripes. Wear it as an official shoulder top and you are ready for next year’s MET GALA THEME. 

Millennial pink, Millennial pink, Millennial Pink… Don’t blame me! From our very own Femina India to Vogue, from Cosmopolitan to Harper’s Bazaar, Millennial Pink is the combo dish offered courtesy Rihanna’s MET GALA look this year. I think she solely owns the copyright to this term *Millennial Pink*. I will say it one more time, MILLENNIAL PINK (ducks behind The Undertaker).

And last but NEVER the least, my favourite MONOCHROME.

Well, the word itself might be singular but in the fashion industry, we call it monochrome and that mostly means *black and white* (just Google it).

I hope that I am done with stripes 2017. Because I have mustard, Olive (try remembering last year) and Millennial Pink to deal with.

To find out how crazy I am, just follow me on Instagram -> @thefreestylechic.

Hereby, I conclude my affair with stripes. Do share some more ideas if possible so that we can find a new bottle for the old wine 😀😀

Until then, wear a stripe and fly a dragon. 



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