MUA Pout Prime smoothening lip primer

The primary job of a lip primer is to make your lips prepped up for any kind of lipstick. I have been searching for an affordable lip primer, especially for my super drying matte liquid lipsticks and finally got one! Yet another product from my Nykaa summer sale haul which I LOVEEEE.

This was my first official product from Makeup Academy and I am glad that I got it at a discounted price 😋😋

Now let me be clear about one thing here. This is a smoothening lip primer. So if you are a girl who loves matte lipsticks, be it the liquid ones like the Colourpop Ultra Mattes, Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte liquids or MAC retro mattes, then THIS primer is like a Holy grail for matte lipstick lovers.

The Makeup Academy Pout Prime smoothening lip primer is made up of the following ingredients and is priced at 450 INR. I got it for 383 INR during the Nykaa Summer Sale.

I tested the primer for three days with three different lipsticks. First day was Anastasia Beverly Hills Kathryn and this is how it looked with the primer on.

The second day I tested with the most trickiest of dry/matte liquid lipsticks, Colourpop Ultra Mattes.

And here’s a picture of the same. The shade I am wearing here is Bumble.

And finally used it with a semi matte lipstick and here’s how it looked.

So here are my FINAL and reassured thoughts about the Makeup Academy Pout Prime Lip smoothening lip primer.


1. Makes the application of driest of matte lipsticks liquid or otherwise super smooth.

2. Stays all day long without smudging even after I had oily food.

3. My lips feel as if I am wearing nothing on them post application. And I LOVE THIS FEELING.

4. Does not feel tacky or sticky at all. Does NOT accentuate the fine lines of my lips, something that happens with any matte lipstick minus a primer.

5. Makes the lipstick stay for hours. 5-8 hours and I have had every possible kind of food to test this. Even the Colourpop ultra matte lipsticks didn’t bleed.

6. You can mix two lipsticks of different textures and layer one above the another and yet the application remains smooth!

7. Worth the price for 450 INR.


1. Makes semi matte lipstick appear glossy. I won’t really consider it as a con. But then again, I love matte lipsticks!

2. The lipsticks faded away from the centre of my lips and the corners and the primer really didn’t help much.

No other cons which I could find for this heck of an AWESOME primer.

I purchased the Makeup Academy Pout Prime Smoothening Primer from Nykaa. Putting below the link of the same.
Stay in touch with me on my Instagram profile @poulamishoots as I will be reposting a couple of stories about the lipprimer while I was testing the same.




2 thoughts on “MUA Pout Prime smoothening lip primer

    • Thank you so much Sharvari 💞 No this won’t dry up your lips. It has the texture of a balm. I tried MAC retro matte lipsticks over it and they stayed matte and the application became a lot easier.


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